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Sma Rag Da Re-introduced - feat Brodsky 16/June/2017

H Sma Rag Da, ανεξάρτητη τραγουδοποιός και musicpreneur που γνωρίσαμε για πρώτη φορά το 2013 ως “η 17χρονη τραγουδοποιός απο την Πάτρα” μέσα απο το hit single της "Take your time", πλέον ενηλικιώθηκε και μας ξανασυστήνεται μέσα απο το καινούριο της, ανεξάρτητο άλμπουμ με τίτλο Wisdom Tooth.

Past Events...

Eleftheria Arvanitaki: Beyond borders 30/May/2017

Greece’s highly acclaimed ambassador to the world and ethnic music scene returns to London for a one-off performance at the Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre

Trashformers 17/Mar/2017

The popular Trashformers Show for the first time in London! Favourite tunes, Greek and International, from the 90's as well as 80's and early 00's, take us back to an era we all love. A live performance with singing, dancing, performances, partying and a famous guest singer from the past TBA

First Contact Festival 12/Mar/2017

The Alekseij Tapes - by Anastasis Sarakatsanos
Who are you when no one is looking? - by Soula Notos

Singing Greece: A Tribute 06/Feb/2017

Three of Greece's greatest singers are coming to the Barbican Centre to take you on a journey through the country's rich musical heritage, from traditional folk and ethnic songs through to there modern descendants, Rebetiko and Laika.

Katerina 07-08/Nov/2016

Katerina, the new play adapted for the stage and directed by Yorgos Nanouris based on “The Book of Katerina”, by Auguste Corteau, has touched, moved and shaken a growing audience already counting more than 25,000 people, winning critical acclaim. Co-organised with the Hellenic Centre.

Natassa Bofiliou 24/Oct/2016

Natassa Bofiliou is back in London for her most exciting performance yet in one of the most amazing London venues, KOKO. Presented by Ark4Art and Prospero, produced by Prospero.

2nd London Hellenic Festival: 'Coming Together' 09/Oct/2016

Following last year’s big success, the London Hellenic Festival is back. Ark4Art and the Hellenic Centre present a day full of events, aiming to bring together London’s and UK’s Greek and Cypriot communities, but also addressing everyone who lives away from their native lands.

Dimitrios Skyllas 29/Sept/2016

Three generations of composers; by the Greek London-based composer and pianist.

Foivos Delivorias 25/May/2016

Foivos is coming to London for only one live acoustic performance, creating an intimate and magical experience for his Greek and international audience.

Iro Lechouriti 06/May/2016

Straight to the heart: Iro blew us away earning the audience’s standing ovation! “There is only one kind of music, that which speaks directly to our hearts”, she said, and true to form, Iro held us spellbound as she unfolded her amazing vocal and musical talents, singing and playing on the piano Hadjidakis, Theodorakis, Hadjis, Xarhakos, Mikroutsikos, Kraounakis, Spanos, Tsitsanis, Piazzola, Gardel, Legrand, Weill, Levy, Casal, Houston, and of course, Iro! Co-organised with the Hellenic Centre.

Manolis Famellos - Stathis Drogosis - Panos Gourgiotis 23/April/2016

Famellos, Drogosis and Gourgiotis have given a captivating performance at the Hellenic Center.

Ark of Time 24/Jan/2016

Fanis Mezinis and Elena Hadjiafxendi This night was dedicated to songs that we still remember and are relevant to us today. The selection was a medley of melodies and poetry which engaged our senses and made us think through the concept of time and temporality with composers like Mimis Plessas , Manos Hadjidakis, Stavros Kougioumtzis, Apostolos Kaldaras, Vasilis Dimitriou, Mikis Theodorakis, Giorgos Zabetas traveling us to past times with their music. Co-organised with the Hellenic Centre.

Giota Nega 19/Oct/2015

Regarded as one of Greece's greatest modern female voices, Giota Negka mesmerised her audience and moved us to tears with a repertoire of songs from favourite Greek composers and her own personal personal albums in the intimate space of The Cockpit in Marylebone.


1st London Hellenic Festival: 'Mobility-Identity’ 11/Oct/2015

October has always been a turning point of life in London - moving to London to study, to look for a job, coming back from our native home to our real home. One way or another, October is the time when Greeks and Cypriots, students and professionals, new-comers and people who feel like Londoners get back together. October is a month of mobility, but also of reflection on who we are, where we belong. Co-organised with the Hellenic Centre.


Giorgis Christodoulou - 'Serenade' 24/Jan/2015

Giorgis offered us a sweet evening full of serenades that everyone knows - Attik, Hadjidakis, Cole Porter, melodies from the cinema, tango and waltz, Greek, Spanish, French melodies and Brazilian bossa nova in the cosy space of the “Looking Glass”.


DIMINUITA 19/Oct/2014

a Swing Trio from the orchestral gypsy jazz scene came to London for an amazing live performance. They were accompanied by one of London’s most promising swing instructors - Nikki Santilli and her team, who inspired us with their performance to join them for a unique swing class after the concert! Co-organised with the Hellenic Centre.

Demo_Deux 17/May/2014

Demo_Deux, a duet on a musical quest, armed with only a piano and their voices, took us on a magic trip across the musical traditions of the East and West, uncovering as they went along the hidden treasures of each land.


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